Professional PCF for Model Driven Apps

Join Scott for 16+ hours of video instruction and learn to create professional PCF controls for Model Driven Apps

"Scott has been working very closely with product group since the inception and has helped shape the product roadmap over the years. He not only has a deep understanding of the framework and business domain but also has built some of the best professional PCF experiences that exist. He is a natural teacher who loves to help others via community forums, blogs and seminars. I can't think of anyone who is better suited than Scott for this training. Enjoy !"

  • Hemant Gaur 
  • Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Learn PCF Fundementals

This course will show you both how & why the PCF works the way it does. You will learn how to create, build and test a PCF control using the Power Apps CLI, then take a peek under the covers to see the modules and configurations used. You'll learn how PCF controls work at runtime and the important design decisions you need to make in order to make your controls flexible and supported. 

Build Advanced User Interfaces

Learn how to create sophisticated user interfaces that are maintainable and supported. Manage state inside your PCF controls using React and mobx. Add drag and drop functionality. Create engaging user experiences on both forms and views in Model Driven Apps. Use the Fluent UI so that users will think that your controls are part of the native Power Apps experience.

Unit Tests and AzureDevOps

Manage your entire Application Lifecycle in AzureDevOps with both code and solution metadata being under version control. Manage parallel branches using pull requests. Write unit tests using jest and then run inside your AzureDevOps pipelines to automatically collect code coverage, and solution checker results before deploying to multiple environments.


If you are extending Dynamics 365 Model Driven Apps or want to create custom user interfaces on top of Power Apps, this course is for you. You will cover the fundamentals of the PCF but the course does assume some knowledge of configuring CDS, using Visual Studio/VSCode, writing JavaScript with some HTML and CSS experience. You will be creating rich unbounded user experiences like never before!

Hemant Gaur

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Course Curriculum

Scott Durow

Scott is a Microsoft Business Solutions MVP specializing in Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. He is a committed and passionate software architect & technologist with a successful track record of realizing business vision through enterprise/application architectures that are tightly aligned with budget and timescales. By combining his detailed technical knowledge with a clear grasp of the wider commercial issues Scott can identify and implement practical solutions to real business problems. Scott is an excellent communicator and technical author, regularly speaking at conferences in the UK and abroad. Scott’s software career spans more than 20 years where he has moved from assembly language device driver programming, industrial control software and then into enterprise business applications. His experience covers work in Europe, North America, and Japan. He is also the author of the Ribbon Workbench, SparkleXRM and cdsify.
Scott lives near Oxford in the UK with his wife, Kerrie, and three children. To read more about his latest projects, you can visit his blog at You can also follow him on Twitter at @ScottDurow.

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    Over 16hrs of instructor led video + sample code

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  • Lesson Handouts
  • Full sample code downloads with each lesson
  • Test your skills quizes & course completion certificate



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Must have in your skills list

Course is great and allows to gather better understanding of pcf against react. Only piece I would expect is switch more on modern react with use of function components and react hooks. I'm in the middle of the course so maybe this will come later. Also small suggestion would be to first go through MVVM and implement this pattern in simple pcf and then go to ready to use node package. This would give more insight how module related to MVVM and mobx can be applied in case someone don't want /can't use ready to go package. For me also would be clearer if each module could be based on sample created from scratch. But this just me :) Give 4 starts to save space for improvements ;)

2 weeks ago
Great course! Very rewarding

This was a great course with lots of development gems shared by Scott. I have lots of experience working with Dynamics 365 and have created a few html web resources in the past, but had no previous experience of React, MobX, FluentUI, and Jest. The course starts from the basics and introducing more tools along the way at the right moment, e.g. when the issue of handling all state and props in React gets apparent, then MobX is introduced and you really understand why. I also liked, that while coding along, Scott intentionally leaves out an async here, and observable there and shows you how that manifests in the GUI and how to fix it, which highlights why these things are needed and how to debug and resolve the errors. Scott packs a ton in this course and does a great job explaining an advanced topic. Another great benefit of this course is that my company now has a Pro PCF build environment with unit tests, eslint, mobx, pcf-react and more, ready to start building some nice controls. Thanks, Scott, for a great and rewarding course!

1 month ago
Nice job Scott, this course covered much more then i expected.

I started this course to get more knowledge to build PCF controls, but u really covered much more than that. I never worked with React, FluentUI, MobX, Jest, ... and saw the huge advantages of all these libs. Instead of getting to an endpoint to learn create decent PCF control, i feel that i'm just in the beginning of investigating more of all these tools/libs. Also mod7 gave me new inspiration to model pipelines. Keep up the great work, maybe we'll meet again in a future session °)

2 months ago
Very advanced but needed course! Well worth it.

Scott is very on point that PCF is a very advanced topic with not enough quality learning resources out there. I'd say this course is a must for PowerApps developers just getting started with PCF, or those who have been stumbling. For those like me who have not worked much yet with ReactJS, this course doubles as a good introductory to React. Don't be surprised if you need to revisit the material (I already have) because it is so in depth and truly requires working through the provided labs to absorb it all. There were a few sections where the pace was a bit fast and could have had some more explanation, but perhaps this was just due to myself being newer to React and Typescript and stumbling with some of the syntax. That said, having some prerequisite experience in Typescript and React will immensely help when going through the course. Overall, the material was very well done. The delivery/presentation quality was better than of most the other Dynamics CRM / Power Platform learning material I've seen over the years (it must be the soothing British accent =P). Thanks for the course Scott! Hope to see more material from you in the future.

4 months ago